This has got to be an eHarmony date.

This has got to be an eHarmony date. (Photo credit: David Reber’s Hammer Photography)

eHarmony – The reasons why I absolutely loathe your site.  

Too many suburban matches – I honestly felt bad for these guys because many of them tried to contact me, and I didn’t see the point.  I live in a city with 8 million people, I shouldn’t have to date someone in the suburbs when I have no reliable way of getting to them on a regular basis.

Too many matches that did not meet even minimum criteria – location, height, religion, political affiliation, etc.  Sending me multiple “matches” that were well below my own height?  Sure some guys might be fine with this but many don’t like dating women more than a couple of inches taller than them.  Also I clearly said all over the questionnaire that I was agnostic and NOT RELIGIOUS! I would rather have fewer matches that actually fit my criteria rather than have hundreds of men that did not come even close to what I had indicated in my preferences.  I could just get that from a non-premium free site.  I also questioned the validity of a questionnaire that sent me men with CAT ALLERGIES!

Long process to delete a match – To get rid of a match is a two-step process.  It doesn’t seem so bad but when a person has so many bad matches, it’s an extremely tedious process to get rid of them.

Too many matches with no photo – eHarmony is hardly cheap.  If I am paying a premium for the service, I should not have to waste my time with profiles that don’t have at least one photo.

High Cost – The lock you into a three-month contract and have auto-renewal, I made sure my account did not auto-renew, but it is difficult to make sure that it doesn’t happen.

No Gays Allowed – I didn’t know that when I signed up.  And had I known it, I probably wouldn’t have signed up.  I am not gay but I don’t see anything wrong with being gay.

Questionable matching process – Suburban cops?  REALLY?  I am a creative stand-up comic, emcee and singer with a degree in Theater and Music, call me crazy but I don’t think a COP is probably my best match. I don’t think most suburban cops would think I was their best match.  The amount of law enforcement matches was baffling to me.

Unethical practices – eHarmony recently sent me an email completely out of the blue claiming a member was sending me an “icebreaker”. I found this highly shady since I hadn’t been a member now for a year.  I went to “unsubscribe”, but the link took me to a page to re-register my account.  I could find no way to contact the company other than to sign up again for a service which I absolutely hated.  So they are either using phony profiles to try to lure old members back to their site, or they are using deleted and deactivated accounts as bait for current members.  I responded to their email basically saying there were committing fraud and threatened to expose them on this very blog.  I decided to not wait for a response, as the whole experience really made my skin crawl.

The Incident that made me shut down my account 

I went on eHarmony to answer an email from a “MATCH!”  On eHarmony I get a ton of matches, but most of them live extremely far away, or are horrible.  Despite their claims of superior matching abilities eHarmony doesn’t seem to pay attention to things like height, or religion as they have sent me more than one 5’2″ devout Christian. A man’s height is not a deal breaker but a deeply religious man is definitely a bad match for an agnostic, at least this agnostic.  I find it all very frustrating since I spent an hour filling a long questionnaire when I signed up.

I finally had one member contact me who lived in Manhattan.  I really didn’t have strong feelings for him as he was average looking and his profile didn’t say much.  He lived in Manhattan though and wasn’t a cop!  eHarmony loves matching me with members of suburban law enforcement.  I have no idea why!

I thought, let’s try this so I started to do their whole question back and forth thing.  On eHarmony unlike other sites has a very rigid way of communication.  We had to go through a series of questions before setting up a date.  He asked for my top favorite albums of all time, and the last five albums I listened to recently. It get why he might think that was important, but it seemed rather trivial.  Asking about one’s favorite bands was something we did in college right?  Like most people, I don’t buy full albums very often but I managed to cobble a list for him. He also asked me to type random things about myself and I obliged.  I became aggravated because after several steps, and a lot of time and energy, I still knew next to nothing about this person.

His response, over a week later was to tell me he was allergic to cats.  I wondered why eHarmony matched us in the first place since I think I had indicated strongly my cats and I were a packed deal. Things really got strange when he attacked me personally for my accordion, my ukulele and my use of punctuation.   I admit maybe my punctuation wasn’t perfect, but it was online correspondence and he had asked for random things.  I think I just gave him a list, and I was trying to write in these tiny boxes that eHarmony uses for its forms.  I’m sure I wrote in fragmented and run-on sentences.  Compared to the writing style I usually see on dating websites my prose was on par with Hawthorne or Poe.  I guessed what upset him is that from the time he first emailed me until his second response, I had tried to shut down my account.  I wasn’t that interested anyway and I hadn’t heard from him in over a week. He must have taken this personally or as some type of snub and thought his best defense was a good offense.  I had gotten hostile reactions from men online before, but it was a little unsettling to get it on an expensive premium site, especially one that brags about it’s screening process.

So I told Mr. What are your favorite albums where he could stick it.   During my three-month membership I went on zero dates and found most matches inappropriate or unpractical.  I honestly couldn’t imagine dating someone in central New Jersey, Long Island or Connecticut as I would never see them.

Overall I would never recommend the site.  If they’ve matched people it’s by luck and not their expensive service.

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39 comments on “Dating Online: eHarmony is useless!

  1. eHarmony_Jack

    Hi Juliet,

    There’s no getting around how tough the eHarmony process can be sometimes. And a lot of people that go through negative encounters like the ones you had do go on to find someone. This is an article that addresses some of this and acknowledges the ups and downs that can come with being on eHarmony:

    If you’re interested, we do have a free online discussion forum for members (and former members) to discuss using eHarmony, dating, and relationships in general:

    It sounds like you’re no longer using eHarmony, but if you’re interested, there may be ways to adjust some of the settings you mentioned. Height, however, is not included in the settings except as a “Nice to have” which means we’ll prioritize matches of a certain height, but we won’t rule out matches of any height if they are compatible and fit into your other settings.

    If you have any questions, feel free to follow me on Twitter:


    1. julietjeske

      And if things such as HEIGHT, RELIGION, RACE, or POLITCS aren’t on the profile that I am PAYING MONEY FOR!!!! WHAT IS THE POINT????? I don’t give a rats ass about the profile because I know in heels I am 5’9″-5″10″ and there is no way I would want to date a guy who is 5’2″. But on OKCUPID.COM! I can select for height when searching……and it is FREE!

    2. julietjeske

      You site sucks. And please don’t advertise it on my blog. I have every right to speak my opinion and speak it I will! Try sending me another man who is 5’2″ when I am 5’6″ and when I have height listed as extremely important. Or send a fundamentalist Christian when I am agnostic. Or send the Liberal a Libertarian or a Republican because I got a few of those as well now didn’t I?. No really it doesn’t waste my time at all. And let’s make the removal process of a “match” take two steps, because that is convenient….Shall I keep going? No really shall I? Let’s also waste my time by giving me the majority of “matches” from men who live nowhere near me. In fact on certain days I got nothing but suburbanites. Not a single man from New York City, now I don’t know if you are aware of how New York city works, but there is no plausible way I could date someone who lived in Westchester, New Jersey, or Long Island. It is not practical. Also you don’t allow GAY people on your site…Again do you want me to keep going, because the most you post on my blog the more venom I will spew. In fact I might just do another blog and call it eHarmony sucks balls! Just keep posting, because I will keep blogging.

      It is called the first amendment and I have freedom of speech, and I will use that right accordingly! I can also delete your comment, but I am hoping it might get me more buzz.

      Your site sucks and I would NEVER recommend it to anyone. It was recommended to me by a man, perhaps it is different for men on eHarmony but in my experience I had a lunatic personally attack me for no reason, and not a single date. The whole thing was a total waste of time and money.

  2. Saquishal G

    I find your adamant refusal to consider a man because of height just as offensive and distasteful as a man who would refuse to date a woman with small boobs. Do you tell all prospective dates your cup size? Is it important they know? Totally superficial (p.s. your acceptance of gays is great but your self righteous open-mindedness is undermined by your refusal to date someone because of their race). You should take down this post I don’t think it reflects the best you. If this was funny maybe we could stomach the anger and bitterness, but it just sounds mean.

    1. julietjeske

      Well I would completely disagree. Many men won’t date women who are even slightly overweight, some won’t date women their own age but will only insist on dating women much younger. I think the vast majority of women don’t like dating men who are significantly shorter than they are, and most men would feel the same way about it. The average height for an American man is 5″9″. So since I am 5″7″ all I am looking for is average. I also like slim men, and some women are turned off by slender men, so go figure. It takes all kinds.

      I don’t like being five inches taller than a man, I really don’t. I find it creepy and most men are also turned off by it. I have dated men who were my exact height or close to my height. In fact a man I dated for three years was my exact size. But a man who is 5’2″? No way, especially when there are plenty of women who are shorter out there also looking for an appropriate partner. I wouldn’t be comfortable with it, and I don’t like feeling that much taller than a man, I am not petite.

    2. julietjeske

      And where are you getting race from my post? I think you are making a leap there. I put in preferences because like most people I have preferences when it comes to dating. I tend to prefer white men who are thin, but I don’t have an exclusive policy or anything. I don’t know why but that tends to be the case, I would never flat out say I wouldn’t date someone of another ethnic background, I just know what I tend to be attracted to when I look at men. Most people are like this. I know some African Americans that tend to date white people or a friend of mine who was ethnically Chinese who dated Indian men. I don’t understand it, but most people have a preference to date people of the same or different ethnic origin, I am hardly being unusual. I also have known men that ONLY date African American women. I wouldn’t call them racist, it is just what they prefer and if it makes them happy then that is the type of women they should date.

      I think you are projecting your own story onto my article. I am betting you are a shorter than average man who is not white. Well, there are plenty of women out there that would prefer to date someone just like you. And I don’t really want to talk about my breasts and I think it is quite creepy that you would bring that up. You can clearly see how I am built on any of my photos. I am a fairly thin woman and I know this might come as a shock to you, but just as I prefer men that are slight or thinner than average, some men prefer a smaller breasted woman or a thin and muscular woman. Not every man wants a curvy and busty gal. I know, crazy.

      The point of the article is that eHarmony misrepresents itself, is not user friendly and engages in unethical practices. I would sooner date a 5’2″ atheist who is West Indian than I would a 6’2″ fundamentalist Christian. And they were sending me Christians all the time. And I am not going to take down a post because you don’t like it! No way! I am sure you have your own preferences and wouldn’t go out with any woman, it is human nature and I am not going to apologize for it.

    3. julietjeske

      In fact you make me want to blog about this very topic. I am trying it out on my Facebook to see what people say about it. But I make no apologizes for preferring certain traits in a match and they would probably go in this order…. from most important to least important…Non-religious, likes cats, age appropriate, lived near me, same height or taller than me, thin, white although not exclusively white.

      And that is the first time I have made such a list, and I noticed that white is at the very end of it.

  3. Saquishal G

    Your logic is faulty. Yes, some men prefer to date women who are thin, but if I had a friend who insisted he was “insulted” because he was matched up with overweight women, I (and most people I know) would consider him shallow and superficial. By the way, unlike height, weight is almost always a characteristic that can be changed. I don’t think you should take down your post because I don’t like it, I think you should take it down because it makes you look shallow (also, if you allow yourself to socialize with male friends who are short, I am sure you wouldn’t want to make them feel bad about an aspect of their appearance they have absolutely no control over).
    I used the bra-size analogy because it is a good one. Short of surgical enhancement women cannot change what they were given. Yes many men loudly proclaim small busted women are undesirable. The media tells us we have to look a certain way (spoiler: I am a woman!!!!) or we are less than the full package. Woman rant about this all the time. Everyone knows that a man who lists breast size as a key component of compatibility is probably a creepy pig. My argument is that womens obsession with a man’s height is just as insulting and superficial. Go ahead and have your preferences but it is no longer to pretend that complaining about a short man is socially acceptable. It is mean.

    1. julietjeske

      Well again I disagree. Just because an attribute is alterable makes no difference to me. I don’t want to date a man who is significantly shorter than me and I don’t really care what you or anyone else thinks about it. I have been on a few dates with men that lied about their height online and they we awkward about the height difference. There are plenty of tiny petite women who would prefer a shorter man, so I don’t see the big deal. I am not supposed to look at everything male as a potential date, that is just insane. And one of my close male friends only dates redheads, another close friend doesn’t like blondes and I am not insulted by this in the least. I don’t want to date either of them and I realize that we all have our preferences. Sure I could dye my hair another color or get implants to please some man who doesn’t like me as I was made but I would rather not.

      If you are a woman I don’t know why you would care so much about my opinion. Most humans have preferences about who they will date and there is nothing wrong with it. I am actually going to write a separate piece about it and if you don’t like my opinion or blog, don’t read it. The response I got on my facebook was overwhelming when I brought this up and many people had a lot of interesting things to say about the topic. I am not sexually attracted to men that are significantly shorter than me and nothing is going to change that. But I do know some women who are, and some women who even prefer “little people” in fact one man I know who is about three feet tall is dating an extremely attractive woman who is about my height. It takes all kinds. And is there something wrong with her if she prefers to date little people? I don’t think so, if that is what her heart desires so be it.

      You must have some sort of history with short men, or with a short man in your life to get so worked up over this one issue. It is a common complaint among above average in height women as many of my friends my height or taller have had this problem. Some shorter men really don’t care about dating a taller woman but most do, and they have said it outright so am I supposed to call those men close-minded? Who cares! We can’t help who we are attracted to it is that simple.

    2. julietjeske

      And King Henry VIII of England actually wrote that he preferred women with small muscular breasts and was horribly disappointed when one of his wives had pendulous low hanging ones. He thought she must not be a virgin. HA! There are also so many examples of smaller breasted thin women who have been found desriable over the years, Kate Moss, Gwyneth Paltrow, Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, I actually found a list here

      And I used to have a friend who worked for Playboy and one of their biggest Newstand specials was called “Natural Beauties” and was composed entirely of women with no implants, most of which had small to medium sized breasts.

      Some men are ass men, some are leg men, some like abs…or faces…it really does take all kinds. Who cares!

    3. julietjeske

      Not sure where one of your comments went as it was on here twice and now it is gone. But if you are going to put words in my mouth here is exactly what I wrote on my FB because you originally brought RACE into the issue.

      Is it racist to prefer white men when you are white on a dating website? I say NO! As everyone has their own preferences whether we want to admit them or not. I know that the majority of the time I am attracted to white men, but I don’t rule out other ethnicities. But when searching online there are thousands of men, so yes I do search for white men. I think most people do this, just as we search for things like height, religion, body type etc. Discuss.

      As far as your identity I will say I won’t take you on your word because this is after all the internet and I have no idea who you are. It is not mean to say that I was annoyed that eHarmony tried to set me up with men well below my height preferences. Not mean at all. And height, race, age, religion, hair color, eye color, geographical location are all valid reasons to either be attracted to someone or not be attracted to someone. I wouldn’t be attracted to a man that is 5’2″ and I really wouldn’t care if a man said I was too short. So be it. We are not all attractive to each other such is life, end of story.

  4. Saquishal G

    Oh darlin’ I just saw your facebook post! You called me out for projecting my short, ethnic, male baggage. Surely you know that just because one’s user name sounds male and ethnic it doesn’t mean they are.
    ps- the above should read “Go ahead and have your preferences but it is no longer ok to pretend that complaining about a short man is socially acceptable. It is mean.”

    1. julietjeske

      Not exactly. This is what I wrote. Is it racist to prefer white men when you are white on a dating website? I say NO! As everyone has their own preferences whether we want to admit them or not. I know that the majority of the time I am attracted to white men, but I don’t rule out other ethnicities. But when searching online there are thousands of men, so yes I do search for white men. I think most people do this, just as we search for things like height, religion, body type etc. Discuss.

      As far as your identity is concerned I only have your word to go on for that, and since this is the internet I am not going to take you on your word. I have a website, and a freaking youtube channel to prove my identity. I was complaining about eHarmony sending me a man that was clearly way outside of my preferences, re-read it if you haven’t already. If some man called me flat chested I would say yes, and I am also blonde and have an amazing ass. It would be like calling me 5’7″. Calling a 5’2″ man short is stating the obvious.

    2. julietjeske

      No it isn’t. I was actually complaining about eHarmony a paid service sending me matches that were no where near my basic requirements my actual reference was to a Christian man who was 5’2″ I am agnostic and 5’7″ with a height preference set at 5’9″ which is actually average height. Please go back and re-read the post. The average height of an American woman is 5’4″ and which means there are plenty of women who are shorter than myself, they can date a man who is 5’2″ I would rather not.

    3. julietjeske

      Hey guess what I think I know your true identity! Since eHarmony Jack just decided to start following me on twitter! Coincidence? I think not. One more comment and they are all getting deleted. Thankfully twitter has a block policy!

  5. Saquishal G

    Are you 5’6″ or 5’7″? You mention both.
    I’m glad you suggested I re-read your post because I noticed you edited out the line about being “insulted” by being matched with short men. Removal of that word was smart and now your stated preferences are much more palatable. Your other changes are good too. Really if someone’s feelings get hurt it IS their own problem. However, it always serves us when we make the effort to increase our empathy and understanding. Block away, my work here is done.

    1. julietjeske

      I am somewhere inbetween the two 5″6.5 I actually put 5″7″ now because I always wear heels. I did think it was Insulting in general to get several matches though that weren’t even close. I didn’t mean for it to sound like a short man was insulting…all of it was insulting. Because most of the “matches” had several things that were clear deal breakers in one person…religion, height, body type, location….all wrong for me. Maybe right for another person but wrong for me.

    2. julietjeske

      And I would say INSULTED because the questionnaire process is LONG and the service is EXPENSIVE. It was insulting to get match after match after match that were just so clearly not what I was looking for. I even had a few who tried to preach to me…come on. How could that not be disappointing? I could get it from a free service.

  6. Bill Hicks

    Thank God for the ability to block people on social media sites! It’s so refreshing to go through life unaccountable for your own opinions while simultaneously knowing you’re right about everything based on your limited experiences. Why is it that eharmony sucks and not just your experience with eharmony?

    1. julietjeske

      I suspect who this is, and this is just sad and pathetic. I think I spell out quite specifically why eHarmony sucks. The company is unethical. You can find that not only in this post, but in the following post. They use deceptive practices like fake members and deactivated accounts. I have proof of it in my other post. The also deny countless would be applicants for reasons no one quite understand. They send matches that aren’t even remotely close to the very basics that a user has indicated that they are looking for. They are expensive and offer false hope with their claimed success rate. Their so called compatibility questionnaire isn’t worth the hour a customer spends filling out since the matches are awful and even with all of this screening angry immature people still get through. They harass bloggers who are doing nothing more but sharing their negative experiences with the company. Really should I keep going? It was all in the post and the post that follows it. If you are from eHarmony you are just making your company look worse. If this is the crazy person who is semi-stalking me on my email, and I had to block on my facebook you aren’t going to get anywhere. I blocked you because you repeatedly put things on my wall that I found to be inappropriate, it is my wall and I can do with it what I want. It is not a public forum. To use Bill Hicks name in your email? Pathetic. Find a new hobby or write your own blog. I use my own name, I don’t hide behind a dead man’s. Grow up.

  7. Scott Leadbetter

    hi Juliet.

    2 things I’d like to say. First I don’t think it’s shallow at all to have a preference regarding height, weight, political persuasion or anything at all for that matter. It’s kind of thoughtful really to save someone that looks like Danny DeVito with a tattoo of Hitler on his butt from getting a zillion rejections and further adding to his list of reasons to jump off the Empire state building.
    Secondly, Eharmony can be compared to one of those telephone menu systems where you hear recorded messages asking you to push 1 for accounts and 3 to pay a bill, 4 to enter your security password then you have to enter your 11 digit account number. Once you get connected you always get asked “please can I have your password and account number”. well it’s the same when you give all that in your application and it doesn’t seem to have registered.

  8. Anonymous

    Well, it seems eHarmony, which completely sucks, I agree from experience twice, has hired a bunch of people to contradict you on your blog.

    They are just about marketing. And the way that they force you to take forever until you can actually write back and forth to someone is basically a financial trap: it keeps you on their site longer since it takes longer to meet someone.

    My matches were horrible. The questions are grade school level. All other dating sites are 100x better because you can write the person an email right away. Here they lure you through many steps just to keep you on their site longer, so you can pay more.

    eHarmony is just about money. They make a lot of it and put it back into good advertisement. If I see another commercial from them I will smash the TV, seriously. Lies, lies, lies.

    1. julietjeske

      I would completely agree. Funny how they were started by some Christian and as far as I can tell they are highly unethical. I have tried Jdate, OKCupid, and so far the best dates and matches have been from OKCupid which is a free site. I am not Jewish but since I live in New York I thought I would give Jdate a try since it a very heavily Jewish city. It was fine but most of the men who emailed me were 55 years old and some even lived in Israel. is OK but I think it is so big it is easier to get lost in a sea of people, as I get less email on that site than OKCupid. But OKCupid has more weirdos, swingers, cock shots and stalker types because it is a free site…so it is a mixed bag all around.

      The only other company that I have read horrible things about is “It’s just Lunch” which I haven’t tried but I was considering it and the reviews online were scathing. Very expensive and apparently terrible for most women, not sure what men thought of the company as most of the reviews were from women and they were just horrible. It is so difficult out there for both genders and I really think that these companies prey on people who just get so frustrated. So far Meet Up groups have been OK for me as they are lower stress and not necessarily singles groups. Just a bunch of people with like interests, no setup, good energy. The hardest part is trying to find the time to go to the Meetups. Oh well it was much easier when we were all in college! HA!

  9. scubalass

    Juliet, I’m a just a little late responding to this thread – I missed it somehow when it first came out. My experience with eharmony was very similar to yours. Eharmony sucks! Re: the website that shows small-chested celebrities. So awesome!!!! I’m 5’9″ and small busted; when I go for long lengths of time without male validation, I start feeling really insecure about my figure. That website was very reassuring. Thanks 🙂

    1. julietjeske

      Ha! That is too funny! I am a 36A, which is a totally bizarre bra size, I have to order them online. I have a larger frame but hardly anything on that frame, so I am thin but not petite. I am built like a viking warrior! HA! Very muscular and lean, not overly curvy but I do have a great ass, or so they tell me. So if anyone makes a small bust comment I just say look…I have an amazing ass and I have enough people tell me as much…so go screw yourself! HA! And as you probably already know, some guys prefer a smaller chested woman.

  10. julietjeske

    The rules of this blog are simple, they are written out fairly specifically in the About section. Personal attacks on myself or any other blogger are not tolerated. Your comment will be removed. Human beings have physical attractions to others. I didn’t bash anyone. However you just did with your arrogant comment. So you lose.

  11. julietjeske

    I have had plenty of taller men beg me to wear them. It is all a matter of perspective. I also dated a man who was 6’5″ where heels were pretty much essential. He didn’t like petite women because he said it was just absurd given his size. I have never seen him with any woman below 5’7″. He prefers women over 5’10”. One man’s perfect woman is another man’s nightmare. Now please stop commenting. I have work to do.

  12. julietjeske

    Dude now you are getting racist…and making blanket statements. Your posts are not welcome here anymore. I can control what gets posted and what doesn’t.

  13. Polop Tupiel

    eharmony is afwul. I paid them for a 6 months subscription after trying it a few days. They canceled my account 16 minutes later. The email said they were keeping the money (approximately $143). I called and they said they were refunding it.

    What a waste of time. No wonder people don’t like this website.

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  15. I was recommended this blog by means of my own nephew. I am don’t particular whether or not this kind of put up is actually authored by them as who else acknowledge these targeted somewhere around our challenge. You’re extraordinary! Thank you!

  16. Matt

    OK Juliet – come to Australia where the last real men on the planet live….

  17. Jeff

    It’s not just EHarmony., are horrible, too. The days of the online dating sites that worked are long gone. A woman has her pick, but an average to ugly guy like me has no chance on any of these sites. I would probably guess 80% of the female profiles are scammers or fake profiles that the company puts up. Slick marketing and recurring billing keeps them in business.

    1. julietjeske Post author

      They are awful for women too. Trust me. It’s a whole lot of nothing on those sites.

  18. wucheydi

    I’m so relieved you wrote this article — eHarmony SUCKS. They were misleading about their pricing from the get-go, strong-arm you into paying for a minimum of three months, and they are STILL way off the mark when it comes to matching people. Despite all of my settings and preferences, they’re pulling people from up to three states away who are shorter than me (it is awkward; if any posters don’t get it, they’re way hardlining their own preferences and aren’t able to come up with a creative, empathetic thought). eHarmony also does this annoying “What If…”, pulling people from some other pool (based on the personality profile? No idea, and they don’t explain) and displaying them one at a time and putting it on you to reach out to them. Anyway, I’d recommend to anyone not to sign up, it’s horrid.

  19. shithead

    I was on eharmony a few years ago and got nothing out of it.Only 4 referrals in 4 months,they were too old,too far,nothing in common.I got so pissed off I took my profile down.I’ve never had much success online dating but eharmony was the worst.As far as I’m concerned they are white collar criminals.

    1. julietjeske Post author

      The company tried to stalk me online because I wrote this. It just made me write more negative articles about them. They are truly the worst.

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