So last night, I had the honor of hosting Geek Girl Productions at the Bowery Poetry club. I hosted as Gloomy Goth Girl and the crowd seemed to love her. The show went so well for me, that I was actually getting applause in the middle of poems. Sure I have gotten laughs but I have never had to hold for applause before. I also completely dominated what I would call a “Happy Heckler” in the audience. A happy heckler is a person who feels the need to talk to me throughout the entire show. They are annoying but their comments are pleasant for the most part. Well Mr. Happy dropped a joke that fell like a lead balloon and I simply retorted, “Wow, no one laughed…you see my friend I am a professional, I get paid for this, and I have a mic, not so easy now is it?” The entire room laughed at him. SCORE!

After the show I got paid more than expected, then walked to my subway line picking up a salad from a 24 hour drug store on the way home.  There I saw a good friend Brendan of Project Hex busking with his accordion. I slipped him a fiver and he made me play his accordion on the spot. I then got on the train, which was all messed up due to construction and sort of accidentally got into a friendly debate about woman’s history month with a total stranger. He made the mistake of saying out loud, that women don’t need a special day or month because we have Valentine’s day. Well since Valentine’s day is only a perk IF you have a significant other I disagreed. But the disagreement was friendly and quite fun. We ended up discussing his Master’s degree, and the plight of women in the third world.

I slunk back home at 2 AM and couldn’t fall asleep until much later. As scary and as big as this town is, deep down it is really just a collection of little communities and groups and once you entrench yourself in one…there is no escape. Not to mention the absolutely brilliant people that NYC attracts from all walks of life. Much like my friend on the subway discussing gender issues in the middle of the night.

I never thought as a poor kid from a blue collar family that I would live here, and that I would be friends with street musicians, and artists of all kinds. And that I could perform as my own creations several times a month on stages in front a live and NEW audience. I actually got recognized from a stand up night at the Bowery, something which never happens.  The only way to really grow as a performer is to CONSTANTLY perform, especially in front of new audiences.  And thankfully New York provides so much opportunity as there are stages EVERYWHERE!

I love when I run into friends on the street, usually the lower east side or east village, a situation that seems impossible when the city has over 8 million inhabitants. As big as it is, it is still home because where else do you randomly run into friends but home?  I have lived here now since April of 2001 and I feel more connected to this city than anywhere else on earth.  New York city is amazing and I never want to move. I don’t care if I have to live in the far reaches the city to make it happen. This really is a magical place. Now if I could just figure out how to make more money….

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4 comments on “Why New York is the GREATEST CITY EVER!

  1. John

    I didn’t mean to be annoying! I’ll *try* and be more tame tonight 🙂

    -The Happy Heckler

    1. julietjeske

      Well you have to consider the rest of the audience is there to see a show, not listen to a random audience member who thinks he is clever. And tonight I am princess sunshine, she is brutal!
      I would keep it low key if I were you! HA!

      1. Mike

        To be fair, he doesn’t think he’s clever at all. He IS really clever.

        1. julietjeske

          Really? When he should get a microphone and hit the stage. It is not nearly as easy as it looks. There are open mics all over New York and New Jersey. I have no patience for anyone who claims they COULD be a performer or comedian. If they COULD be then they should try it. Or what did I call him again? An Armchair quarterback? You should tell him to grow a set and get his ass on stage! And I mean that sincerely.

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