I must have lost my mind because now I am blogging about two very important creatures in my life, Schatzi my six-year-old black female and Otto my four-year old monster-sized ginger male tabby. Yes I live with two cats. Do you have a problem with it? Apparently a lot of people seem to have a “cat” issue.  The negative stereotype of people who own cats is that we are overly sensitive, weepy or emotionally broken.

Single women who own cats are “cat ladies” or hoarders.  I have exactly two animals that live with me, and I only got a second cat because Schatzi seems to like the company.  I am not planning on getting anymore.  I have a female friend who has three cats, should I call the cops on her?  Should I stage an intervention about her cat problem?  Of course not.  She loves animals and especially loves cats.  She takes amazing care of her pets and they love her back.  It is one big happy household.  Animal hoarding is a real problem for some, but the vast majority of people who live with cats are NOT HOARDERS.  And a single woman who lives with two cats is NOT A CAT LADY.

Funny how dog owners don’t get this grief.  A single gal will talk about her dog and it is a sweet loving relationship, but a cat owner is a needy freak?  I don’t get it.  The dog owner also has to be home much more often to walk and care for her animal.  Not to mention most dogs end up costing more in vet bills than the average cat.   The stereotype is that dogs are dominant, active and loyal while cats are sleepy, aloof and passive.   Somehow we associate dogs with masculine traits and cats with feminine.  Since are patriarchal culture values the masculine over the feminine, any woman who would live with cats is surely out of her mind.

I am so sick of the stigma that I just ranting about it now.  My father was allergic to dogs, so my family had cats. I have never owned a dog or lived with one for an extended length of time.  I love dogs, but I don’t truly understand the dog/owner relationship.  It seems like fun from the outside, but not that different from my relationship with my cats.

Schatzi and Otto have been more reliable than most of the humans in my life.  They also give me joy on a daily basis and come running to the door when I arrive home.   Schatzi is so obsessed with me that she is far from my side at any time.  She is currently next to my computer keyboard trying to push it off as I type this article.  As is her habit ,she jumped up here on her own, no coaxing on my end.  She sleeps with me every night and follows me around my apartment.  More dog-like than most cats, she will respond and come to her name.  She always uses her litterbox and hasn’t destroyed anything of real value.  Everyone who meets her is in awe of her beauty, grace and friendly nature.  She is an amazing animal.  Otto is more classic cat, massive and male he sleeps most of the day.  Otto likes being around me but not on-top of me like Schatzi, but he is also quite social and friendly.

The two animals that live with me almost guarantee that I won’t have to deal with a mouse problem (and there is one in my building) and they provide me companionship and love.  How am I emotionally stunted again?  If anything it shows that I have more empathy towards all living creatures and that I have emotional capacity to care for and nurture a living being which is dependent upon me. I also have tolerance to lint roll my coats and sweaters with wild abandon, sweep constantly and clean up the occasional hairball or pool of vomit.

Now Schatzi in her strange psychic ability has just rolled around on my lap and placed her paw on one of my arms as I write this.  That is the kind of cat she is, she really is that remarkable and I swear she can read my thoughts.  So men from OKCupid, Match.com and various other dating websites that I have encountered who take issue with my cats.  Suck it.  Believe it or not I have met grown men who are as enamored if not more attached to their own cats than I am to mine.  People who live with cats are not broken, we are not weak, we just love cats.  Pet allergies aside, cats rule.

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2 comments on “Yes I live with two cats…you have a problem with that?

  1. Joe

    I must be out of the usual male loop as I’ve never heard your comments about women with cats. Of course, I’m a cat person as well so perhaps that explains it.

    Anyone living via stereotypes is such a sad case that they ought to be avoided or offered immediate psychological remediation!

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