I don’t normally use my blog for things like this, but last night something horrific happened to a woman I know.  The police are still searching for her attacker and I’m sure there will be a criminal investigation and hopefully an arrest.  I don’t know the name of her attacker, and so far he hasn’t been apprehended.

This is what I know.  A man entered my friend’s apartment under the guise of looking at leak in her bathroom.  The man worked with the building’s owner and was not some random guy off the street.  For reasons still unknown this person beat my friend across the head with a hammer about 15-20 times.  She managed to escape and ended up with 60 stitches and a few staples in her scalp. She also broke a toe during the ordeal.

So many of us have been victims of random violence.  I’m sure a lot of my readers can relate to what happened to my friend, or have known someone who went through a similar experience.  Another friend set up a fund for her medical and other future expenses.  She’ll probably have to move since her home is not exactly safe for her anymore.  The police know the identity of the person who did this but so far they have not apprehended him.

Even if you aren’t a position to donate to a total stranger, please consider sending her a kind word or virtual hug.

Here is a link to her Give Forward campaign.  She is a highly skilled costumer in the New York burlesque scene and the name associated with the account is a nickname of sorts.

Much Love to all of my regular readers.  I hope you are all safe and out of harms way.  🙂

I will probably delete this post after a few days.  I would hate for any legal trouble to come from it for myself of my friend.  Hopefully justice will prevail and this violent criminal will be taken off the streets.

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4 comments on “A friend of mine was viciously attacked – Please help.

    1. julietjeske

      From what I understand, he attacked her, she fought back and ran out into the snow into a bodega to call the cops. By the time they got there he was gone, but they know WHO he is so it’s just a matter of time. I’m sure they’ll find him soon. She has no idea why he attacked her as he tried to rob her midway but she knew him so she could have identified him it’s just crazy. He’s probably done something like this before and just snapped. I’m sure he probably has priors, I also think it’s just a matter of time before the NYPD gets him. They are usually very aggressive about going after the violent criminals.

  1. Megan

    This makes me wonder if the owner properly vetted this man because I think it’s reasonable to assume that this man has a documented criminal background.

    In any case, I hope your friend fully recovers. Her ordeal sounds horrific! Hopefully she has a good social support system that will help her through this tragedy. And of course I hope this guy is caught!

    1. julietjeske

      She is well liked in the burlesque scene in NYC so she’s gotten a lot of support. I think we’re also freaked out because two women were just killed in Queens by a man wielding nothing more than a hammer. I was planning in writing a totally different article but I was just so shaken by this story I just couldn’t do it. Thanks for your kind words I’ll keep you posted when they catch him. I’m sure they will the NYPD doesn’t mess around.

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