I am a comedian based in New York city.  I also sing, play an accordion a ukulele and host burlesque shows.   You can see some of my satire videos on the Huffington Post at http://www.huffingtonpost.com/juliet-jeske

This blog was a happy accident.  I started writing articles after my divorce to a closeted homosexual.  I wrote about my battles with depression, my difficulty dating in New York City and overcoming the stigma of my divorce.  To my surprise I slowly gathered a small following of regular readers.

Based on a friend’s suggestion I submitted an article to the Divorce section at the Huffington Post.   I submitted my most popular blog post “Dating After Divorce in a City of Sluts”.  To my amazement it ran as the lead story in Divorce for the entire Labor day weekend.  It was “liked” around 7,000 times on Facebook and I was interviewed on Canadian radio and Australian television because of the buzz from the article.

I also wrote an article about my ex-husband called “My ex-husband the Clown” which was a mild sensation on Huffington Post.  From that article I was interviewed on BBC Radio’s program “Outlook”.  I am currently working on my memoir about my marriage tentatively titled, “Girl Meets Clown.”

And as is standard practice for most blogs, I do not allow personal attacks against me, or another person on these posts.  If I deem something to be abusive it won’t get approved.  I don’t have a problem with a differing opinion but, I will not allow a comment that is abusive.  If you go through the trouble of sending me an angry rant via my personal email account it will not be read.  Please use the forum provided which is this blog.  If you really want to get your opinion out there, this is the place to share it.

Any thinly veiled advertisement will also get deleted.

You can also find me at www.julietjeske.com

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  1. scubalass

    God bless you! When I posted on my Facebook page the link to your article on Huffington Post about dating in NYC, I added a comment that it was pretty much universally true in every city. I, too, have been divorced almost 9 years and being a single mother have pretty much given up on dating because of all the things you mentioned. The first response I got back from one of my “friends” was that it was SPAM, which I quickly clarified to the contrary. Anyway, I’d never heard of you until now, but I can’t wait to go to NY and see you perform. Keep it up! Thanks!

  2. Jeff

    Hi Juliet,

    Despite your reservations, I think you are a very good writer. Reading you Huff Post piece this week was dead on! That’s a lot coming from a guy! It takes a lot of courage to take on a heated topic such as dating and relationships, especially when the finger pointing also includes you’re gender. Guy code would never stand for it and judging from the response you got neither would women. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go there – you should, after all that’s what good journalist do, they ask the hard questions that many of use don’t want to or are affraid to tackle.

    I think the responses to your piece where unnecessarily harsh and unfair. As a single male I see the same behaviour from men. They complain about the shallow and materialistic nature of woman but than use those very same stereotypes in dating. Decades ago men where admired for there sporting achievements or individual endeavours by BOTH men and women. Today, men get those same attributes for being investment bankers, hedge fund managers or high profile lawyers. See Donald Trump, Mitt Romney, John Edwards, Mayor Guilianni. The sad reality Juliet is that if you had written your piece about men and dating you would have also been subject to the same vitriol from Huff Post readers!

    Keep up the good work! 😉

  3. theimperialus

    Hey, Juliet — I came upon your blog as a result of your recent claim to fame — the Huffington Post article. I just wanted to say that you shouldn’t feel self-conscious as a writer; you write beautifully. I’m a 53-year-old male, but I can relate to much of what you say. Don’t get discouraged, and don’t settle; stay who you are. From what little I know about you, you’re beautiful, intelligent, and talented; trust yourself and your values and you’ll be allright. Taken as a whole, American men these days are a pretty degraded group, but there are still worthy individuals out there. Hang in there; keep posting. Take care of yourself.

  4. onceamonth4

    Rock on Sister! Sounds like you’ve been able to take something that threw your life in a mixing pot and made it grow! Keep it up, you’ve got great reads indeed 🙂

  5. welcometoclubnixon

    I recently saw your video on YouTube where you reacted to “Dear Feminists”. I would like to personally thank you for representing all the misjudged feminists in a classy yet hilarious way. When I first saw the “Dear Feminists” video, I was caught off guard and genuinely shocked that a woman would have zero respect for other women and wants only to conform to society’s image of a “perfect female”. I wanted to see if others felt the same way I did so I searched for reactions to that video. The first thing that came up was a rather popular YouTube channel which proceeded to call feminists “crazy bitches who just need to get cock” . The man speaking for the channel also stated that all feminists are obsessed with rape, and therefore deserve to be raped and like to be raped. As a seventeen year old girl in high school, I have been grabbed, called degrading things, punished for distracting boys with my leggings or tank top, threatened to be raped, and not taken seriously due to my gender. I did not ask for these things and they certainly weren’t welcomed. Your video is the most valid and reasonable reaction to “Dear Feminists”.
    Thank you again for shedding light on what feminism truly is to people who weren’t aware of the issue or believed a false definition,
    Ali B

    1. julietjeske Post author

      I was so shocked to get this! Thank you so much! Nicole tends to make very mean-spirited videos. I have mixed feelings about her because on one hand I like that she’s a woman speaking her mind, but I also think she targets the marginalized when she should go after the establishment. Her video “Dear Fat People” was especially cruel and vapid. I was going to make a rebuttal to that one but so many others made such great responses I felt like I wouldn’t add much to the discourse. When she made “Dear Feminists” it just made me frustrated. I was saddened that she didn’t see how she herself had benefited so much from the women who came before her. When I decided to make my video I almost didn’t because I knew I would get tons of negative comments and anger. I’ve been putting stuff on the internet for a while now and I’ve even had some vicious cyber stalkers. I shot that video start to finish three times before I was happy with it, as I was trying to copy her style yet get a lot of stuff in it in a short time. So far THREE videos much longer than mine have been created by angry men as a way to attack me. Two of them have my name in the title of the video. You’d think that I would have called for the death of men or something with the way they reacted. One man made a 19 min. long video followed by a 10 minute long one. Another man made a 12 minute long video. Mine is less than 6 minutes so I have no idea why they would want to dedicate so much time to yours truly.

      Sadly there is a LOT misogyny out there and angry videos and crazy comments on YouTube sort of prove my point. Your comment means so much to me. I too had to put up with a lot when I was your age from teachers sexually harassing me to much worse. I’d rather not list everything as it’s just too much, I’ve written about it in the past in one of my articles. I have hope though that things are getting better. The fact that more and more women are just saying enough, and speaking out is a lot. I could be your mother, I look young for my age, but I love how there are so many young fearless women out there who are not apologizing for being a feminist, or standing up for women’s issues. Our lives are quite different from men’s so we do have different challenges and obstacles. We also have to put up with this atmosphere of patriarchy that is harmful to both women AND men. Rigid gender roles and attitudes such as “act like a man” are just as harmful to men as they are to women. A book that I would highly recommend you read is “Backlash” by Susan Faludi. I read it when I was about your age and it changed my life. It’s dated, but the author points out how with every step forward women make, there are those who are ready to shove us back. It’s never been about men vs. women, or women being any better than men. We just want the same opportunities and to be treated like human beings rather than objects. I hope for your generation and the girls who are even younger than you things will get better. They’ve improved in my lifetime but we still have so far to go. Hell we only got the vote in 1920, and birth control was made legal in 1965. That wasn’t that far back. The angry comments on my video only prove how far we have to go. If you haven’t seen the comments yet, you should read them. I get at least one a day….today was “Go suck a dick.” They are usually misspelled and have terrible punctuation and grammar too! Hahahahahahahaha Thank you so much for your comment! I’ll try to find the couple of articles I wrote about sexual harassment and send you the links. Much love babe!

  6. nina vorotnikova

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    1. julietjeske Post author

      Please contact me at jsjeske@gmail.com. I’m in the process of moving the hosting for my blog. I’ve been having consistent problems with my hosting provider. Please be specific about your product or service that you want to advertise. Thank you.

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