Below is a clip from an interview I did on Morning Sunrise, Australia‘s #1 Breakfast talk show.  It is their equivalent of the Today Show or so I am told.  They interviewed me based on my Huffington Blog post “Dating After Divorce in a City of Sluts”

The link to the article is here.  It was ridiculously popular having something like 7,000 people “like” it on Facebook and 1400 comments.  I am an unknown, unsigned comedian so the whole thing has been mind-blowing.

So they didn’t tell me beforehand that they were going to even mention my ex-husband’s homosexuality.  That was a complete shock to me, they also veered from the script.  I have dealt with the press before so I wasn’t really shocked by that.  The saddest thing is that the interviewer actually says

“In your book”

When in reality it was just one article, no book.  Although I am currently trying to make that happen.  I have no idea how to do it, but I am looking into it.  If I end up getting published you know I am telling everyone on the planet.  🙂

My working title for my book is “Dating in a City of Sluts” or something like that.  I never thought I would write a book in a million years but since I have gotten so much overwhelming positive feedback to go for it, I thought I would give a shot!

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One comment on “Weekend Sunrise Interview – Dating After Divorce in a City of Sluts

  1. scubalass

    I loved your interview! I thought you kept it positive and made some excellent points. You were especially effective when you said that you were able to now discern which men were worthy of your time and those that were not, and quickly move on. I’ve been following your blog now for some time. Though I’m quite a bit older than you, I have overcome very similar difficulties and continue to choose to be alone rather than settle for less than what I know I deserve. As the single mother of a teenager, my son takes priority now, anyway. Just for the record, you handled yourself beautifully in the face of a couple of less than professional TV “personalities”.

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